COR@L SYSTEM FIX UPDATE version 1.7.2 (Batch1)

We have now successfully deployed a fix build version 1.7.2 into Production on 6th May 2019.

The following issue were fixed:

  • LFSAUAT-553 Follow Up ICT LFSA Sec Assmnt-Sum of Ostdg Issues_as at 1 Mac 2019
  • LFSAUAT-538 CLONE – Formatting issue – Request entity profile
  • LFSAUAT-266 CORR-035-02 – Missing attachment for C040 Redeem Shares Out of Capital (Form 19) and C035 Reduce Share Capital via Solvency Declaration (Form 17)
  • LFSAUAT-535 38473:Issues on Form 42 for PCC company
  • LFSAUAT-533 No penalty generated for Notification Dealing with Resident