COR@L SYSTEM FIX UPDATE version 1.7.4 (Nov 2019)

A successful deployment of fix build version 1.7.4 entered into COR@L Production server on 20th Nov 2019.

The following issues were fixed successfully:
LFSAUAT-547 Change Request: Payment Option (Disable EFT option)
LFSAUAT-564 Set Trust Company number and Trust Licence number as mandatory fields on the Create Organization page
LFSAUAT-578 Circular Notification – Citibank Berhad Go-Live with FPX as Buyer Bank and Seller Bank for B2B1 & B2B2
LFSAUAT-581 Add AFFINMAX, i-bizRAKYAT, Citibank Corporate Banking and PB Enterprise to the B2B (Corporate Payments) Buyers Bank list