COR@L SYSTEM FIX UPDATE version 1.7.5 (Feb 2020)

A successful deployment of fix build version 1.7.5-7 has entered into COR@L Production server on 17th Feb 2020.

The following issues were fixed successfully:

Configuration modified date : 17-Feb-2020 06:43:43

  • LFSAUAT-546 – [Bug Fix] 58482: System error when view uploaded doc in MS INTERNATIONAL LTD. (LL13461)
  • LFSAUAT-550 – [CR] FPX BE Message (CIMB Bank & CIMB Clicks) – Update FPX B2C payment type from CIMB Bank TO CIMB Clicks
  • LFSAUAT-573 – [System Patch] Missing “X-XSS-Protection” Header
  • LFSAUAT-574 – [System Patch] Missing “X-Content-Type-Options” Header
  • LFSAUAT-576 – [System Patch] Cachable HTTP Response
  • LFSAUAT-577 – [System Patch] Jquery Java script library upgrade
  • LFSAUAT-588 – [Bug Fix] Error displaying “???constraintType.$addr.vpathSelectOne(‘**/RegionCode’).dataConstraint.constraintType.Malaysia” in the letter of information in shareholders column.
  • LFSAUAT-602 – [CR] The Documents section is not displayed on the filing
  • LFSAUAT-605 – [CR] Signature change and name change